Via Carpatica

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Via Carpatica

The entire Carpathian chain length can be crossed by foot.

This has been done recently as part of the project CONNECTING ROMANIA TO THE EUROPEAN LONG-DISTANCE FOOTPATHS NETWORK by two young Romanians who walked 2830km in 93 days, starting from Serbia, to Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, all the way to Austria, bringing to life the "Via Carpatica" vision expressed 10 years ago by ISF Munchen.

This trip has been organized by SKV, a Romanian mountain association, in collaboration with the mountain associations from the traversed Carpathian countries, all members of the European Ramblers Association

„Connecting Romania to the European long-distance footpaths network” – project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union. Value of co-financing – 241.565 CHF.

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